Back washing filter housing

  •  Back washing filter housing
Back washing filter housing

Product name: Back washing filter housing

Category: Back Flushing Filter


Flow rate:80T/H

Micron: 200um

Inlet&Outlet: DN80

Product introduction:

Backwash Filter Self Cleaning Filtration System For Water Treatment

Automatic Back-washing Filter is a new generation self-cleaning filtration system independently. It is integrated with a number of slotted filter elements. When the filter elements are clogged, a specially designed back-flushing arm will clean the elements one by one. As the high-end self-cleaning filter, it is especially designed for customers who take good quality and high eliability into consideration firstly .The Back washing filter consists of world-class top quality crucial parts, such as filter element, gear motor, control system, etc..

The back washing process setting:
* Setting the pressure difference: There is a differential pressure gauge in the filter system, you can set the valve by yourself.
* Setting the time: There is a Time setting device in the filter system, you can set the start time of back washing and the time of duration.
If you set the pressure difference and also the time, the setting pressure difference will have priority.
* Manual operation: when you are debuging and maintaining the filter system, you can press the "TEST" button, and start the back washing process.
Automatic back washing filter housing standard performance:
Min. working pressure: 2 bar (30 psi)
Max. working pressure: 7 bar (100 psi)
Pressure drop: 0.1bar (2 psi)
Working Temp.: 65°C (149°F)
Micron rate: 25-3000 micron
Control voltage: 24V DC
Washing consumption(in the Min. working pressure condition): 50kg
Housing material: Carbon steel (spraying), 304SS/316SS(Blasting)
Backwash Filter Self Cleaning Filtration System For Water Treatment

Applicable industries: Water treatment, steel, pulp and paper, mining, petro-chemical, machining, municipal, irrigation etc.
Typical applicable liquids: Groundwater, seawater, lake, reservoir water, pond water, cooling water circulation, frozen water, high and low voltage gush to drench water, squirt water, heat water, seal water, bearing cooling water, oil wells note water, process of circulating water, machining coolant, cleaning agents, cleaning water, etc.
Filtration function: Remove large particles, purify liquids, protect critical equipment


Model A B C D I/O(mm) Drain(mm) Max flow(m3/h)
BW300 1690 265 640 300 DN50,80 DN50 80
BW350 1720 265 660 350 DN80,100 DN50 100
BW400 1750 255 680 400 DN100,150 DN50 130
BW500 1860 290 715 500 DN200 DN80 200
BW600 1910 270 755 600 DN250 DN80 300
BW700 2040 335 755 700 DN300 DN100 450
BW800 2090 320 770 800 DN350 DN100 600
BW1000 2220 335 800 1000 DN400 DN100 800
BW1200 2360 365 825 1200 DN500 DN100 1000

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