Tubular Back Washing Filter

Product name: Tubular Back Washing Filter

Category: Tubular Back Washing Filter

Material: 304SS

Flow rate: 25-42 T/H per unit

Micron: 200-2000um

Inlet&Outlet: DN80-DN400

Product introduction:

Tubular Backwashing Filters is the automatic filtration system according to the modular design concept. It has the high reliability and flexibility for expanding. It has the following features: running automatically, very durable, no manual cleaning, very easy to open for maintenance, with unique V-SLOT filter element, completely back-flushed and less back-flushing discharging liquid. Tubular Backwashing Filters can purify the liquid and protect the downstream key equipments.

Tubular Backwashing Filters Main Specification




Back-Flushing Fluid

clean filtrate

 external liquid or gas

Applicable Viscosity

< 50CPS

< 100CPS

Contaminant Content

< 300PPM

Inlet Pressure Requirement

> 0.3MPA

special requirement

Installation Position

behind the pump

Before or behind the pump

Micron rate



Design Pressure

1.6MPA / 2.5MPA / 4.0MPA

Highest Design Temperature

0-250℃determined by the seals

Filter Module Quantity Per Single System


Inlet And Outlet Valve Size

DN50: 25 M3/H.  DN65: 42 M3/H

Main Inlet And Outlet Pipeline Size

FLANGEHG20592-2009compatible with DIN

HG20615-2009(compatible with ANSI  B16.5)

Housing Wet Part Material


Housing Wet Part Material


Seal Material


Drain Valve

Pneumatic ball valve, protection class IP65, valve seat material PTEF  

Supply Requirement

0.6MPA clean and dry compressed air   

110V/220VSTANDARD380V/440V AC,24V  DC

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